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September starters - current guidance

Currently, the latest guidance suggests that we will be able to have a bubble of 30 children attending at any one time. We will still have to observe all the other guidelines regarding the type of resources we can have out, following a strict cleaning regime, no parents may come into the building, social distancing whilst dropping off and picking up children, the items children can bring into Pre-school and many others.

I will be sending out an up-to-date Risk Assessment nearer September. 

Some people have already booked pre-start visits, however, we are still not yet allowed to have parent's come into the setting so unless things change before September these will not be able to take place. What I would like to suggest is that you are welcome to come down to Pre-school this week 13th - 17th July and have a chat with us at the gate/fence to the garden. If we are not outside just ring the bell and we will be. I know this is far from ideal and hopefully we will be able to organise some visits early September, but in the meantime this would be a way for us to meet your child and your child to meet us. We are currently working in 2 bubbles so 4 staff and in on a Monday/Tuesday/Thursday, and another 2 are in Wednesday and Friday (am). We are usually in the garden from 9.15 - 2.30 with a break for lunch 11.50-12.40. I would also like to direct you to our Facebook page where there are many photos of how the setting now looks and I will be posting other advice regarding children starting in September. (facebook page- Frimley Green Pre-school)

The other issue we have for September is that the Government is suggesting that a child only attends 1 setting. This does affect quite a few of you, with some children attending a Childminder or another setting. We have had a discussion with the Early Years Advisors regarding this and they suggest that we liaise with the other settings and find out about their risk assessments and procedures in place to minimise the risk of spreading Covid-19. So I will be contacting the other settings that I know about and doing a risk assessment on an individual basis. I feel that those attending a childminder should be ok to attend as less children are involved but I do not yet know about other Nurseries/Pre-schools. Obviously the other settings may have their own policies about this too. So I would advise contacting them too. I will be in touch with everyone as soon as I have completed the risk assessments. If your child is due to attend another setting and it wasn't added to their Registration Form please can you let me know asap.

Please do try and pop down to see us this week if you can, we can also introduce some of the children who will be here in September.

Don't forget if you are hoping to claim 30 Hours funding for your child you need to apply for your code before 31st August.

Communication between Pre-school and parent’s/carers is vital to your child’s learning.

Parents know their children best. They are their child’s first and most enduring educators, with in-depth knowledge of their child’s physical, emotional and language development over time.” Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (2014)

We provide all parents with the following communications:
  • A Weekly Update emailed direct to your inbox
  • A half termly Newsletter emailed direct to your inbox
  • An up to date Website
  • Termly reports on your child’s progress
  • Open door policy (speak to your child's key person or supervisor at any time)
Emergency Info for Pre-school closure

In the event of an emergency school closure, the following radio station will provide information to parents. We will keep you updated via the website and emails.


The Eagle County Sound: 96.4FM


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